How to recover, if you get infected with the Coronavirus?

Being a germaphobe (actually I am more like a peoplephobe) I’ve learned that once these viruses start to spread, there’s very little you can do to avoid catching it. However, I think there are a few things you can do to avoid it, and if you catch it, there are things you can do to recover quicker from it.

To avoid catching the virus, there’s only one thing you can do. That’s buying a ticket and travel to a country with no reported case of the virus. In Curaçao there has been only one case so far, so it’s pretty safe over here. We also have no wars or any type terroristic activities that could pose as a threat to your life. If you guarantee you are coronavirus-free, you are welcome on our island.

Curaçao has so much to offer. Here is summer all year long and we also have all the necessary ingredients to help fight the pestiferous Coronavirus.

The weather

Like I explained it here, respiratory diseases are at a disadvantage is warm climates, since humid air makes them harder to spread. Curaçao has a average of 30 degrees climate with fresh unpolluted air for you to breathe. (Remember, I said the virus is at a disadvantage here. It doesn’t mean it cannot still spread. Humans are way too social and pretty nasty, so the weather is not a guarantee.)

The beach

Bacteria in the respiratory tract help viruses multiply inside your body. When you have a irritated throat, gargling with warm salty water will kill these bacteria and help your throat recover. I’m not recommending you to gargle ocean water, however taking a swim can release mucus from your respiratory tract which are usually full of bacteria that causes sore throats. You should also avoid all dairy products which stimulates the production of mucus.

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The people

Have you noticed that the Coronavirus has been spreading uncontrollably in China and Europe? Now, I don’t want to convey any racist ideologies, but we all know Europeans are not the cleanest people in the world. Not all of them of course, but the few who don’t apply proper hygiene, ruins it for all of them. If you’ve been to Europe during summer time, then you probably noticed how much they stink. I don’t know whether they are skipping showers for months, or they just don’t wash their clothes. I really don’t know. In any case, applying proper hygiene is crucial to ward off bacteria and viruses. It seems now that Coronavirus came to teach us how frequently we should be washing our hands. With regards to the Chinese—the country had to ban the trade and consumption of wild animals in order to avoid zoonotic diseases. (Diseases that transfers from animals to humans.) We don’t eat wild animals here. Our dishes consist of fish meat, chicken, steak and vegetables. However, in order to save our planet from climate change, I do advice people to refrain from eating meat. You don’t have to become a vegan, but just reduce your meat consumption. Replacing meat with more vegetables will even strengthen your immune system.

What if you do get infected with the Coronavirus?

Understanding how the virus works is crucial to know how to fight it off. The symptoms of the virus are fever, coughing and shortness of breath. There is currently no cure, medicine or anything that can kill this virus, so you need to arm your body with things we all have in our homes (or you can easily buy at any convenient store):


I already explained here why you develop fever when you contract a virus, and you can simply take Paracetamol in order to reduce the fever if it gets too high. Paracetamol is a pretty common over-the-counter medication to treat pain and fever. It’s pretty safe to take too, as long as you don’t overdo it. Drink plenty of fluids to protect the body from dehydration, and give your body enough rest so it can fight off the virus.


If you ever felt your bones hurting when having the flu, it’s because they are creating more white blood cells to fight of the virus. However, when the body detects a pathogen, it is already at a disadvantage, since the virus has been already invading and killing red blood cells inside your body. You need plenty white blood cells to stop the virus from destroying other cells, and Echinacea is just the right thing you need. Take some Echinacea as soon as you start feeling symptoms to help your body create white blood cells to fight off nefarious viruses.


Garlic can help boosting the immune system function. Even after being infected, you can crush and chew garlic, which releases the compound allicin, which will help your white blood cells in fighting pathogens.


Coughing is usually the toughest part of flu and the hardest one to get rid of. When the respiratory tract gets infected, your immune system will trigger inflammation inside the body in attempt to kill the virus, and this will trigger coughing to get mucus and virus particles  out. Honey can help you getting rid of stubborn coughs caused by the virus. You can put in warm beverages to drink while watching Netflix in your jammies. However, don’t make it too hot, since honey loses its nutritional values at temperatures above 40 degrees. Also, applying vicks (chestrub) helps suppress coughs.

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Ginger root

If you start to develop respiratory issues, drink ginger root tea. The fight off the virus when it reaches the lungs, your immune system will trigger inflammation in the lungs to kill infected cells. However, for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, some people—especially the elderly and sick—may have dysfunctional immune systems that fail to keep the response to particular pathogens in check. This could cause an uncontrolled immune response, triggering an overproduction of immune cells leading to a cytokine storm often associated with a flood of immune cells into the lung. That’s when you end up with a lot of these really severe inflammatory disease conditions like pneumonia, shortness of breath, inflammation of the airway, and so forth. If you really find it hard to breathe, go immediately to the Emergency room. However, if things are not so bad, drink ginger root tea. You can add lemon and honey if you like. Ginger is anti-inflammatory, and as someone who has suffered from this condition, I can guarantee you that it works. Use other anti-inflammatory foods to help fight inflammations. I personally recommend avocados, but you can also use broccoli, mushrooms and other vegetables.

I know some people don’t like to use medicines but ibuprofen has anti-inflammatory properties too, and weather I liked it or not, I had to use it to fight inflammations in the body as well as killing the pain I was in.

Some people suggest turmeric for its curcumin content, however, studies shows that eating turmeric alone shows little improvement in inflammatory markers. Some people consume it with black pepper, since this enhances the curcumin absorption. But you may as well take supplements containing isolated curcumin.

I don’t think I have to add Vitamin C, because it’s the first thing you should think about when talking about strengthening the immune system. You can take supplements, but I personally think eating oranges are way better. You can also get form putting lemon on your hot green tea, which also as anti-inflammatory properties.

Remember, strengthening your immune system is imperative to keep viruses out, so eating plenty fruits and veggies is highly required. (You should be doing this before getting infected. If you start doing this after getting infected, then I am afraid it’s already too late.)

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