New Product Release: Ko’i Lesa 2nd Edition!

The wait is over! The 2nd edition of Ko’i Lesa has been released and published. Please make sure you’ve read the 1st edition prior purchasing this one.

Just as before, there are two versions. One in the fun and sexy language Papiamentu and the other one is full in English. Make sure you buy the correct one!

The 2nd Edition of Ko’i Lesa Papiamentu version can be purchased here!
The 2nd Edition of Ko’i Lesa English version can be purchased here!

Ko'i Lesa 2nd Edition
Ko’i Lesa 2nd Edition

If you haven’t read the first edition yet, you can purchase the Papiamentu version here and the English version here.

Happy reading, and please leave a comment below the provided links. It takes literally one minutes to leave a comment. Leave a freaking comment!

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