‘Ko’i Lesa’ 1st Edition E-book (English version)

$ 2.00

Ko’i Lesa (Something to Read) is an entertaining short story book written and published by Lion Spratt. You will enjoy reading something that is quite diverse in its content and easy to read. This first edition is more of an introduction so you can get to know me and get acquainted with my creative style of writing.  You can check out with online direct bank deposit or PayPal.

24 pages total!

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Why do we have the need to label things? Why can’t I have something with a girl with having to ask her to be my girlfriend or establish a relationship with her? Can’t I just live with her without having to be my partner? Why can’t I put a picture of the most handsome dude I saw in The Hague without people thinking that I have something with him? Why do you instantly get curious to know how we met each other and what did we do on our first date? Why do you want to know all those things? Why do I have to tell you all those things? Do you really like gossip so much or are you just looking for something to read?

‘Ko’i Lesa’ is like a magazine, but not quite a magazine. It’s like an e-book, but not quite an e-book. It is something you can read, I can tell you that. In this first edition you will get to know me (Lion Spratt) on a deeper level. You will learn with what intention I wrote something to read for you to read and of course you will find out why I put a picture of a very sweet, delicious handsome guy on the cover!