Ko’i Lesa 2nd Edition E-book (English version)

$ 3.00

This is the 2nd edition of Ko’i Lesa that contains a hot and spicy story about Jimmy—a world class renowned Chef that is currently working at an ordinary restaurant because of a dream. The restaurant is owned by Antonio who can’t stand Jimmy. As a matter of fact, Jimmy is fed up with Antonio. Together with his wife Samantha, Jimmy has the perfect plan to eliminate Antonio from his path to fulfill his dream, and become the new owner of the restaurant.

Please make sure you’ve read the previous edition prior purchasing this one.

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29 pages!


Do you remember Jimmy? I mean the one who works at La Condesa restaurant? No, not that Jimmy. I am talking about the husband of Samatha. Exactly, that one!

Did you know Antonio fired his ass? Yes, I heard he has been trying to fire him for a very long time because Jimmy works on her last nerves. I heard he didn’t take his resignation very well and he made a whole scene at work. You know black people right? They don’t do shit at work, but when you fire them, they want to burn your place down.

Read everything about it here, because if I tell it to you, you won’t believe me anyway!