Ko’i Lesa 3rd Edition E-book (English version)

$ 3.00

This is the 3rd edition of Ko’i Lesa. In this edition you can read experiences of our people in the Netherlands that few people talk about. These are problems we face when you move to the Netherlands to stay with someone who is on social benefits, problems you can face if you don’t keep the Tax Authorities in check and also problems you can face when you become homeless. You will definitely learn a lot from this book, especially if you are also planning to relocate to the Netherlands.

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33 pages!


Emigration to the Netherlands is becoming a trend again for people in Curaçao. Whenever our economic situation gets a little bit tough, people start to flee to the Netherlands, looking for a better life and a brighter future. Many people act like everything is easier and better in the Netherlands, but they never tell the whole story. In this edition you will find three different stories of three different people who had a less than pleasant experience when they moved to the Netherlands, and even a story of a young lady who found herself without a roof in the cold country of Netherlands.