Ko’i Lesa 4th Edition E-Book (English version)

$ 3.00

This is the 4th edition of ‘Ko’i Lesa’. In this edition I will invite you into my mind and show you a few things that I have never told anybody else before. Read product description below!

(Payment with online banking possible using either MCB, Girobank, Banco di Caribe or using your IBAN. You can also ask me to send you a ticket request, when you choose Direct Online Banking [Netherlands Only], and you will receive your files when payment is received and confirmed. Alternatively you can pay with PayPal and receive your file instantly!)


Even though I wrote and published this e-book, I don’t really want you to read it. I know it sounds weird, but that’s the truth.

As you know, many men are not honest at all. They lie about everything. Well, it happens that I am a terribly liar, and in this edition I got the terrible idea of writing very deep, personal stuff about me and how I think about relationships that no other men will say and admit. I know I am just being honest, but I really don’t know why I tell people these things, especially women should not know about these things. So you would do me a very big favor by not reading this. I mean, I don’t even know why I am putting these things out there. But it’s already written and published and I can’t change that.  You can read the previous three editions. That won’t be a problem, but not this one. Just follow my order, and don’t read it. I know you are good at following orders, so DO AS I SAY….DO NOT READ IT!

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