Ko’i Lesa 5th Edition E-Book (English version)

$ 5.00

This is the 5th Edition of ‘Ko’i Lesa’. For this edition I had a long conversation with a woman who told me his story. This woman tells in details how she became a sex addict who throughout the years has slept with more than 100 men. The story in this edition in 100% real, and you might be left in shock, reading about unbelievable things people go through in this life. Read product description below!

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This edition has a total of 49 pages!


This edition contains an interview that’s not a common interview. It’s more like a spontaneous conversation I’ve been having for years with someone, that went deeper and deeper throughout the years. I ended up discovering things that I would like other people to know about. It’s 100% real, and you will be left speechless and in shock, because even though I’ve heard about these things before, I was still in shock during the conversation. Unfortunately, you will see how selfish and despicable some men can be!